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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  November 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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i will be here so long and it doesn't matter. no one is going to catch me. >> apparently he didn't know or care cameras were on him as he made off with jewelry, tools a laptop computer. >> what do you think somebody that would walk through your house like that. >> not enough descriptive words in the english vocabulary for me to say them to you in a calm and peaceful manner. i have been violated. if i would have been home, there would have been an would i have shot him? you betcha probably. okay, if i was with -- if we were threatened in anyway, i would have probably had to take this man's life. >> george captured the crime on video now he hopes phoenix police catch up to the criminal. >> i feel so violated. i only wish that i would have
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>> okay, now you have seen an exceptionally good view of the burglar, the suspected burglar the police are looking for. if you have any information get in touch with phoenix police. reporting live, steve krafft, "fox 10 news." thank you. arizona unemployment rate take as dip in october falling to 5.2%. down from 5.5%. 10 of the 11 economic sectors added jobs led by an 8,000 job increase in the professional and business s target is announcing plans to open a new store near 16th street in camelback in phoenix. it's taking the place of the sports authority that is now closed. the 50,000-square-foot store will be the first flexible formate as they are calling it. in arizona. these kinds of stores are the needs of customers in urban areas. set to open next july. a gold star mom who lost her son in the war in iraq has spent
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in their families. but today she was a recipient of some generosity thanks to an amazing patriot right here in scottsdale. >> steve wineburg wanted to help our veterans in some way so he donated his own vehicle to america's mighty warriors. >> i just wanted to do something good for the vets. something especially this time of year. >> he learned about the foundation after reading a letter from the ceo's son. >> i did some research and found >> debbie lee's son mom wrote a letter home while serving in iraq. it was the last letter he ever wrote. >> her son was the first seal lost in action in the war. and god bless her she helps other families that suffered other losses. >> he stood in the direct line of fire and willingly gave his life for his teammates. >> mark's final words inspired
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foundation which in turn inspired steve to donate his vehicle. >> at america's mighty warriors& 90% of what goes in goes back to the troops and their families and this is exactly how we can keep that ratio so high because we have amazing patriots like steve. >> the foundation works to provide services to veterans who need treatment for things like ptsd and also set up heroes hope home in surprise that houses families of the fallen all for free. and this is a big news today. the intelligence chief resigns. we are talking about james clapper. this is a big announcement today. the national intelligence chief resigning at an intel hearing. he made the announcement during the hear being revelations between the intelligence community. clapper told the house intelligence committee he formally handed in his
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administration. >> i can't speculate on what impact -- again what impacts any discussions with the new administration will have, but i can tell you right now that -- their behavior. >> his resignation was not expected until the end of his term just a few weeks from now. clapper had been in his position since august of 2010. as relief supplies continue to pour into new zealand following that massive earthquake, the country's navy celebrates its 75t seems a little off point but navy personnel from australia and even the u.s. and canada they are working to restock one town hit especially hard with water, fuel and other supplies. two people were killed during that 7.8 quake on monday. it triggered a small tsunami and even triggered rock slides. more than 700 residents and tourists were evacuated following the quake. if you wanted to drive a fire truck, now is your chance. three fire trucks are up for
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trucks and they say there is no minimum bid. the auction manager says that they are in great shape and the only reason they were retired was because of rules is because how long fire trucks can be in service. every kid's little dream, i guess. yeah, for the most part i think they are going to either go to someone that is just using them as a general water truck or someone that's going to use it for probably resale. >> can you drive it do street and turn all of the red lights green and do all of the stuff. >> you can do that. >> how cool would that be. >> and be arrested for it. >> all right. >> or get pulled over. while he says the trucks are complete with water pumps and only one has 40,000 miles on it. low mileage. caught on camera, it's a race that one runner in pennsylvania will never forget. take a look at deer darting across the field. one collided with one of the runners.
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hurt. the man was helped up by a fellow runner but was bruised and beat up but he is okay. the deer ran off into the nearby woods. >> does that guy have to forfeit the race? or does he get to jump back up and get some time to get -- >> that's like on a kickoff when the guy completely blind sides you. >> i was just thinking i could watch that ten more times and we got to see it ten more times. new at 9:00, a remarkable comeback for the bald eagle here in arizona. from jus pairs a few years ago. now our national bird can be seen here more often thanks to a program that made sure these majestic raptors had a chance to thrive. >> as of the last year in 2016, we had 65 pairs of breeding bald eagles in the states so 135 breeding birds. and that's not including the young ones that haven't reached maturity five years of age there. they are old enough to start
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made sure eagles now thrive in arizona only on "fox 10 news" tonight at 9:00. stay tuned nor because a well-known scientist has a dire warning for how long we are going to survive on earth unless we take action. >> and later it's one of the highlights every year during the waste management open. we are talking about the phoenix open. the musical acts that will help to fill up the bird's nest this
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a valley salon doing its part to keep the environment clean and healthy. anita roman has more on the new concept that's being adopted at salons worldwide. >> the ellsworth street social club helping keep people beautiful as well as the earth. so in this lovely lady's hair those will be recycled as is the bleach and the color that is being used. and so is human hair. this is daryl. daryl, you have been doing this for about a month or so now. >> yes, about two months now. we have been with green circle salons sending all of our waste back to a plant here in the united states. a plant in the united states to be re-purposed. >> take us through.
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everyone can see that you are making a difference. number one. >> number one here is for our metals. so with this lady here, she is getting her hair color done and the end, all of the foils will be sent back and recycled and re-purposed. we have cans and they also redo the aerosol cans as well as the colored tube. >> and we have another bin here. and this one is for hair only. >> yes, this one is for hair and then the hair is of filtered strain and then boom, to clean up oil spills all over the world. >> you mentioned it's actually better for the environment than any other product they can use. >> because most of the time when they do -- they clean up the oil spills they use a chemical. what happens is the chemical absorbs the oil and sinked to the bottom of the ocean that leaves the oil in the ocean as well as the chemical with the hair, it's natural function is
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normally do i thought it was great they use it, they stuff the booms and then they set the booms out and the oil comes up almost instantly. >> you mentioned just in the past month you think that you collected about five pounds of hair. >> collected five pounds of hair to send back already and about 20-pounds of overall waste. >> wow. and tell everyone where you are located. >> we are on 3031 east indian school road in phoenix, arizona. the b >> there you have it. making people and the earth a beautiful one foil, one hair cut at a time. anita roman, "fox 10 news" according to stephen hawking our time on earth is drawing to a close if you look at it historically. >> will we get through thanksgiving? >> he is talking about 1,000 years. hawking believes the only way
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extinction is to find another planet and he does not believe humans will survive another 1,000 years. hawking is long pushed the theory that future of humankind is in space. >> i just don't want to live in outer space. >> it's 1,000 years off. you don't have to worry about it. >> have no desire. just going to end it here. >> even if there were no other options? >> no. >> so i fly off and i go, bye-bye! >> i guess i won't. >> wow. >> and i'm not going to worry about steven hawkings' prediction. >> it's something a lot of people wish for. x-ray vision to see their christmas presents right through the wrapping. how amazon is making that possible. >> i think my kids have x-ray vision by shaking the package. >> untapeing. >> plus it's a growing trend. the new restaurant where you
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whole home dvr, plus you can watch on your devices. and the best part is, you don't have to deal with cable. we love not having cable. but, paul, babe, when -- when was this headshot taken? oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider with prism tv from centurylink. could be a bonanza. the u.s. geological survey recently discovered the largest oil and gas deposit ever found in the united states. yet finite resource oil will have plenty of it. this is the wolfcamp shale
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>> as in where the ewings are. >> jr ewings will have the ten gallon hat coming out and ready to go scientists believe it contains 20 billion-barrels of oil and at one point 6 billion-barrels of natural gas liquid. its current prices it will be worth around $900 billion this find. >> we got in the wrong business. should have gotten in the oil business. aol plans to lay off about 5% of that's about 500 jobs and most of the layoffs are expected to come in the company's corporate unit. and just in time for the holidays, amazon giving us x-ray vision for our gifts. the kids will love this. if you have the newest version of the amazon app for the iphone, you can see inside your packages without having to open the box. all you have to do is click the camera in the app and press package x-ray and the scan bar code and that will be on the shipping label and that is where
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the box. and finally on to wall street, another positive day for stocks. the dow jones climbing 35 points and the nasdaq moving up 39 points. it's been a great week and a half in the stock market. the dow is now less than 100 points away from, get this, the 19,000-point barrier. that's amazing. that is tonight's fox business watch. a new concept taking hold at a restaurant in texas. the dallas establishment is ditching tips. no more. the owner is by 20% to make up the difference. but he is hoping to generate more cash to pay employees a higher wage. it's not the first restaurant to do this earlier this year businesses in cities like new york and san francisco replaced gratuity for higher wages. >> no matter what i'm not going back. once i've take than step, i've take than step. whatever is it i'm taking the bull by the horn. they will see what happens. >> the owner says his policy
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of the outcome. the joe's crab shack, the restaurant chain, tried a similar no tip policy in several markets this year but ended up backing away from the plan.& we will see how this one works out. it was vibtage -- vintage larry fitzgerald and fitz was thrown to 18 times in the game and ended up with 12 reception for 133 yards. more importantly the cardinals got the win despite game people were concerned for fitz, larry took a big hit late in the game right here and things did not look good. this is the play we are talking about. you see him kind of limping off after flipping over the defender and take another look at the hit. he lands awkwardly on his neck but it was his knee that was hurting. fitz, he is a tough guy and came back and finished the game with a knee brace on. yeah, no need to worry about larry fitzgerald. he will be ready come sunday against the minnesota vikings. >> i'm good.
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full of -- full iparticipated in practice today and ready to go on sunday. that was the plan from the beginning. it's everybody got something right now. and what do you know, we got the game for you right here on fox 10. it's the cardinals taking on the vikings, 11:00 a.m. kickoff and we will have a crew in minnesota and have reports after the game and of course some post game coverage and locker room interviews during fox 10 sports night at 10:30. we switch gears to talk hoops thanks to the college kids. bobby hurley and his boys taking on northern iowa. northern iowa good basketball team. graham gets the hoop and the harm. devils down by 10. how about trey holder. attacking the rim. nice body control. gets the bucket to go. asu playing catch up all day long. devils down by 7. make that ten. jeremy morgan. dialed in from long distance. and hits the three and then it's
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slam. so nice look at it twice. fakes out two defenders and throws it down with authority. all northern iowa down the stretch and carlson, yeah, you get the picture. and asu comes up short and final score 82 to 63. much more in a matter of minutes and more on the cardinals and larry fitzgerald and how fitz was having fun with offensive coordinator hale goodwin. more stuff coming up later in the show. >> i'm amazing that northern iowa is playing that good o >> tournament team. yeah, that's right. a lot of great thing happening in iowa. >> and the people who come out of there are just beyond reproach. >> they are awesome. it is the end of a dineacy. when the reality show duck dynasty will be going off the air. there is no sarcasm in that? >> i wouldn't dare. plus nice payday for the actress
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there will be a country there will be a country music flavor at the birds nest during the 2017 phoenix open. toby keith, jake owen, chase rice and the band perry scheduled to take the stage. those shows will take place
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george strait, what a talent he will play concerts over four separate weekends between april and december. over his long career he scored 45 number one songs. number ones on the billboard country music chart. just unbelievable talent. >> oh, my nose. >> marcia marcia >> oh, man. maureen mccormick, the actress who plays marcha braid each inherited the home and sold it for $635,000. the back woods of louisiana is now home to a new breed of millionaire. my family. >> it's the end of the line for the show duck dynasty. the reality show has aired on a
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product for duck hunters. during its run, the show set several records for viewership. the series takes a final bow in april. i'm marc martinez coming up a "fox 10 news" alert in the west valley where deputies have discovered a body in the riverbed. body camera video is released of a flagstaff police officer and a woman he punched in the face. and nicole garcia has an update when the news
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first tonight at six thank you for joining us tonight. maricopa county sheriff's deputies at a river bottom right now in the west valley where a body has been discovered. sky fox over the scene near
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laveen. right now it's not clear how long that body had been there. you can see there is a vehicle there and debris around it. and we are not sure if it has anything to do with the investigation. they aren't telling us if the body is that of a child or adult or how old that person may have died. they have investigating as we will tell you we will have the latest tonight from investigators on "fox 10 news" at 9:00 and 10:00. a flagstaff police officer caught on camera punching a woman in the face is on administrative leave tonight. this is a story that made international headlines and video has been shared all over social media and on the internet. 9 department has just released body camera video of this incident but it doesn't show the actual punch. the department has launched an internal investigation and nau police are asked to con talk criminal probe. the police chief is saying he is taking this seriously and we are hearing from that woman about what happened. nicole garcia reports. 30-year-old marissa morris is facing one count of aggravated assault against a
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resisting arrest. she tells us she was just trying to defend herself against an aggressive officer because she knew the warrant out for her arrest had been cleared. flagstaff police confirmed there was no active arrest warrant. but the officer did not know that. >> hey, you can't hit a girl like that. >> marissa morris claims the flagstaff police officer punched her in the face twice as he >> aggressive. rude, totally and completely disrespectful. no regard for another human. he was just like attack marissa. >> flagstaff police found out about the incident through social media. officer bernard has been placed on a paid suspension. >> i was shocked to be honest when i saw the video. but as i reviewed it, more times i realized there are more questions to be answered. >> she bears no physical scars,


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